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愛媛県宇和島市 8/8-8/10





Emergency Response
Heavy Rain Disaster of July 2018
@Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture
Aug 8-10
BULBY is operating Tamatsu Satellite of the Disaster Response Volunteer Center, Uwajima City Social Welfare Council.
We are trying to communicate with the residents in the area to see if there are needs that have not been heard. We are thankful that we have been able to collaborate with various experienced organizations in order to appropriately support the residents. Many of them have spent great deal of their time and effort for recovery of Kumamoto for the past 2 years. Much appreciations.
Participated in a meeting of voluntary organizations that are acting in Uwajima city.
Participants shared the issues and current situations in each field. There are still a lot to do.
We will receive many volunteers again tomorrow, and with their spirit and work we will respond to the needs in the area.