Heavy Rain Disaster of July 2020.
April 22-18, 2022
-Kuma Village Support Center for the affected
The center now has a satellite office very close to temporary housing sites. Staff members regularly stationed there and physically close to the residents. The center also holds drop in tea time at temporary housing sites for residents to join for chitchat.
-Kuma Village Volunteer Center
BULBY has been supporting the operation of the center.
One group of volunteers shoveled dirt all day to recover corridor of water at a private camp site where the owner wishes to restart inviting people such as school kids. They have been working to recover the site on their own since the flood. The flood brought huge amount of dirt, but the river was beautiful today.
-KVOAD office
Kumamoto Disaster response forum was held and supported the operation as one of the satellites. Presentation by a key person of Mifune Social Welfare Council was very touching for us as we have worked together to rebuild communities after the earthquakes.
Heavy Rain Disaster of July, 2020 past report
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