A year passed since the heavy rain disaster. May those lost their precious lives to the disaster rest in peace and deep condolence
to those left behind.
We have been continuing to support the operation of volunteer center and support center and receiving power from positive smiles and steadfastness of the affected residents.
We continue to do our best for recovering of the people and communities by collaborating with various organizations and sectors.
Response to the Heavy Rain Disaster 2020
Jun. 28 – Jul. 4, 2021
-Yamae Village Support Center
Delivered items requested by the center and visited a person living in a house damaged by the disaster. He shared with us how much water and mad came into the house and how he has been repairing the damaged parts.
-Kuma Village Support Center
We are working with the center staff to support the affected community and individuals to recover and rebuild.
-Kuma Village Volunteer Center
Working on a need that was unfinished and left for a while. The place is a camping and river rafting base! Since the owner of the place contacted the center, it is gradually getting closer to be rebuilt. Hope it will be a place again for people including locals to gather and enjoy themselves.
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