Jan.1-31, 2022
-Kuma Village Support Center
(operation support)
Information sessions regarding provision period of temporary housings was held by village office. The standard period is two years and residents need to apply for extension if they need more time.
The center will be there for residents.
Due to the disaster, children lost chance to enjoy sports. In order to restart, the center started soccer gatherings for children and parents, and now it is passed on to village sports program.
We donated uniforms for children and soccer goals as requested.
Because of the COVID-19 situation, we continue to support the center staff remotely.
-Online lecture and discussion with
University students
Had opportunity to talk to Uni students on disaster response and community building support. Had them discuss about social issues that become visible in disasters, and to my surprise, they came up with various marginalized issues that I had prepared for feedback! (no need) Future is not dark.
-Seven Support Center meeting
Chiefs gathered (had to change to online)
and shared info and discussed on several issues.
Horizontal connection is really important and it is cool to know there are people they can talk to.
-various meetings
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